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D-Real [愛], Shiki-TMNS - Zero Two

Жанр: Аниме
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Постер песни D-Real [愛], Shiki-TMNS - Zero Two
  • Артист: D-Real [愛], Shiki-TMNS
  • Год: 2019
  • Лейбл: Moe Cafe
  • Длительность: 3:12
  • Слушали: 145
  • Размер: 11.13 Mb
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Опубликовано: 14 марта 2022
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D-Real [愛], Shiki-TMNS - Zero Two

Клип D-Real [愛], Shiki-TMNS - Zero Two

D-Real [愛], Shiki-TMNS - Zero Two текст песни

002 im in the franxx
002 fuck what you think
002 im in the franxx
002 fuck what you think002 im in the franxx
002 fuck what you think
002 im in the franxx
002 fuck what you think
Rhyming virus just know that i break codes
Couldn’t stop me by booting in safe mode
Gotcha looking you know that i hate those
Over watching me im on the payload
Mei is bae everything that i make cold
Master chief when i smoke i blow halos
And they do what i say so
Writing omens then one day my pen broke
Know my persona i live in mementos
Waifu a titan she left a memento
Azarath Metrion Zinthos
Ima beast but this boy is not simple
Woe wanna cut introduce her to kendo
Or harmonicas
Girl i heard that you blow
Doki Doki Im fucking with monika
D-real my moniker 2d or 3d get freaky you see the MA on your monitor
Know she hornier so when we meet it’s mystic I got magic you can’t see in narnia
002 waifu in pink 002 fuck what you think
I don’t fuck with you im being frank crew full of mechas my Darling in Franxx
Came to give them Clarity,
Killin never a rarity
Drowning myself in vanity
Wonderland love insanity
Rappers all the same so I call em a human centipede
Swear to God I could stay unique for a century
I be that senpai train upstarts like Genkai
Mix hard trap with Hentai
Get pantsu wet worldwide
Stats high, Khalifa, my girl strong Caulifla
She treat my balls super in bed like she Mia (Khalifa)
Never been generic, I’m magic like I’m a cleric
I got MP out the ass, keep elixir in my flask
Write a verse like it’s my last
Leave beat inside a cast or a casket Steph Curry all I make is Baskets
Fatal Fury beat you in a hurry not a worry in my mind
Bury foes to past the time
Your discography ain’t mine
Constantly I’m on the climb
Always wrecking shit never stagnant
Rap and leave you in a damn pit
Fuck that stress I’m serene
With a stat line yall niggas see in yall dreams
For the lolis and the music hell yeah I’m a fiend
Senpai gettin me plays I’m making that green
Came inside this game just me and my team
I’m a cool headed nigga don’t need to make scenes
Flip it a little to give em a riddle to think about during the rhyme
Era of Shiki is Nigh don’t plan to end it at anytime
This is crunch time, this is game time
Or whatever time I want cuz the world’s mine
Tryna get up in my franxx that’s a steep climb
Getting where my skills at that’s a long grind
Making sunshine on a stormy day
Make music help the emptiness fade away
Keep it trill man what else can I say me and d real came here to slay, yah
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