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XXXTentacion, ikabodVEINS
CHASE / glass shards

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Клип и слова песни:
Spent all that money
Now you lost your cool
Spilt all the liquor
Even lost one of your shoes
Before the sunrise on you, oh
Whatever you do
Just don’t let that high go to waste
(No don’t let your time go to waste)
When you let your mind go to waste
(Sipping) Cheap wine or champagne
(Smoking) that Thai or that Haze
Either way
Just don’t let that high go to waste
After I fall I must I rise
I never miss a trip
Nothing averts me from my journey
When I can afford to burn tree
Re-engage my third eye
To look inside the mind
Ensure everything’s alright
Mechanicals still alright
Damaging wall wounds for the day
Headache and empty stomach and
No dough to my name
Orph hoodie smelling of Wray
From the drink she threw in my face
The one that I purchased
In hopes that we could relate
I guess it was the wrong
Time and space
But that’s a minor mate
Let’s redesign my fate
Turn out the lights
Insert the purple haze
Make words reverberate
Around the zoo
Correct my mental state
Open a mental case
Pull out some Thai
Put the rest away
Save for another day
There ain’t no other way
To remain
After that kinda day
I can be alone
Mothership take me home
To 7 points of the dome
Where I can
Find the master dancing to my mantra
Make him do the Cha-cha
When I hit the La-la
(Woop) Zu baba
Tonight I’m sneaking out the chimney
You’re feeling me
Mix the ganja with the f*cked up energy
That’s in me
Ride the wave all the way to infinity
Believe me
This is neither the time or space
To let that high go to waste (cos I)
Troublesome toddler
Transfer into a modern
Master getting baiter
Maybe it’s the visuals getting hazy
Maybe he’s a modern master
Baiter getting faded
Oh no
I hope she ain’t basic
I hope she didn’t conceal her face in the bag she came in
Wasn’t the only mess I left
The place a state
She needed company
So I agreed then took a seat
Only to clock the scenery
You know what time
There from from the streets (please!)
Welcome to this jungle
Playing on my mind
I know
If gorillas swing this ain’t a live
If you think I’m trying to be the guy, no
I am the guy that you require to stay alive right?
Still high
Eye sight
Still fright night like it’s calm vibes
Took a sec to actually realise «wait, this real life !»
Oh sh*t
It goes from champagne
To pain
How do rocks on ice distort the wave
Sip the irony
F sobriety
Save that for the ones that actually love society
I tried to leave
The bouncer push me back
Behind the bar
I barged a glass
Shards of glass
Won’t pardon this aftermath
After all
We all indulge
The problem is
We bottle thoughts
The problem is
You never talk problematic
When you can’t walk then panic
How did you manage
To fit those jeans on that package
I mean I’m lean so the savage
Won’t be deceived
To these habits
That’s start to bleed through the fabric
And though these scenes can get tragic
I mean used to this damage
Cos I was made in the manor
Don’t mean I ain’t got no manners
Say please and thanks with a stammer
I find it hard to say sorry
You find it hard to ignore me
Don’t let it go to waste
No come to me (hit ya)
Below the waist
Till we got company (if ya)
Make me funds or
Make it fun for me (then I)
Need that confirmation
Come see me
Offers on the table
Bottles on the table
Models on the table
Could’ve caned it
I weren’t able
Now she dissing my abilities
I would’ve wheeled it yeah
But I got the chair
Woke up in A&E like «how'd get in here…»
«Get in there!»
Was the last thing I’m hearing my wing man cheer
We toast and do the most that’s how it usually goes
Thought I was on a roll
Yeah? You and me both
Smooth criminal, whoa
I’m doing something I usually don’t
Tipping cos it’s pay day
Tipsy off that rosè
She how like how my lips taste
I’ll season this evening the right way
If Seeing is believing then have faith
She’s on her knees
But then I’m prey
Hard to find out the hard way
The pavement weren’t easy on my face
Cat land on its feet don’t it
9 lives we can keep going
It’s okay
I’m reloaded
9 round of weed rolling
In rotation
Drink run and I ain’t chasing
Been paid so I been patient
We ain’t playing
I stay stationed
I hate waiting
I hate wasting
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